Lawrence Fishburne Plays Preacher in 'Have a Little Faith' - Premiere Sunday

Lawrence Fishburne's newest movie role finds him as a reformed criminal from Detroit who becomes a preacher of a church.

The movie, "Have A Little Faith," will premiere this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC as a Hallmark Channel Hall of Fame movie and is based off of Mitch Albom's bestselling book of the same title.

Fishburne's character is Henry Covington, a former drug abuser and criminal, and Albom is played by Bradley Whitford.

Another central character in the movie is New Jersey Rabbi Albert Lewis, played by Martin Landau.

The book and movie are based off of a true story involving real experiences Albom had with these people.

"The first thing would be, if they were like me – where maybe they had faith in their lives when they were younger and then walked away from it – that it’s never too late to have that rekindled, no matter what faith you or no matter how far you’ve wandered. That is sort of what happened to me," Albom said in an interview with the Examiner.

The Examiner pointed out real people from the story acted in the film. After asking Albom about it, he responded, "From the very beginning, when Hallmark Hall of Fame came to me and said they were interested in making the film, they asked if I would come to Los Angeles to talk to them about it. I said, 'I would prefer if you would come to Detroit, if that’s possible. I think you need to see Detroit in order to really understand this story.'"

He continued, "Whenever you see the scenes in the church, most of the people who are in the congregation are the real congregants of the church. Many of the homeless people are real homeless people who sleep at that church."

The movie is expected to big a huge hit and good for the whole family. Watch the trailer below.