Lea Michele's Cory Monteith Tribute Song 'Beautiful and Perfect,' Says Actress

Lea Michele returned to the set of "Glee" on Monday, just three weeks after her co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith died on July 13.

Furthermore, the 26-year-old actress recorded a tribute song for Monteith to be featured during upcoming season of the musical television series.

On Twitter, Michele referred to the tribute song as "beautiful and perfect."

"Thank you Alex Anders an Adam Anders for a great recording session today… You guys are the best," started the actress on Monday. "Couldn't have picked a more beautiful & perfect song to start the year with."

According to reports, Michele was anxious to get back to the set of "Glee" despite the widespread grieving on the set.

"She was very adamant that she thought it was best for the cast and crew to get back together sooner [rather] than later," "Glee" co-creator Ryan Murphy told TV Line.

"Cory was so beloved that she felt people really needed to be together in this time," he added. "So we sort of followed her lead."

On Sunday, Michele posted a message to Twitter from the "Glee" set, admitting her relief to be back.

"First day of glee today… And at my first wardrobe fitting for Rachel Berry for Season Five! I've miss her so much," wrote the actress.

Meanwhile, Monteith's death rocked the entertainment industry. The actor was found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada, and an autopsy revealed that the 31-year-old died from a toxic combination of heroin and alcohol.

Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly said that the season five of "Glee" will "deal directly" with Monteith's death as well as his character Finn Hudson.

"The third episode will deal with the Finn Hudson character being written out of the show … that episode will deal directly with the incidents involved in Cory's passing and with the drug abuse in particular," Reilly told Us Magazine.

During an interview given just one month ahead of Monteith's death, Michele gushed about her "Glee" co-star and boyfriend while speaking to Marie Claire Mexico.

"It's more interesting having a relationship with someone you work with because we get more attention because we play boyfriend and girlfriend on the show and we are also in real life," the actress explained of her onscreen and off-screen boyfriend.

"But he is the best person I know, he had made my life so incredible, and I am so thankful for him and not only to have him as a partner but also as a co-worker," Michele added.

Season five of "Glee" premieres on FOX on Sept. 26.