Leading Egyptian Bishop: Attacks on Copts has 'Fundamentally Undermined' Democracy

H.G. Bishop Youssef of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese with the Southern United States said that the world has been watching the promised and historic transition to democracy in Egypt, but the recent and serial attacks on the Coptic Patriarchate and Copts throughout the country has "fundamentally undermined the movement with disgrace."

"The onslaught of innocent Christians in a pervasive and remorseless series of attacks severely threatens the healing of a wounded nation … [A nation] which has been marred by pandemonium and incessant, systematic subjugation of the marginalized Coptic people," Youssef said.

The bishop described the attack on St. Mark's Cathedral during the Khosos victims' funeral, as "deplorable," stating that "Christians have the right to live in Egypt with every human dignity as any Muslim."

His Grace added: "If the goal is to destroy Egypt and all hope for peace and democracy, then persistent religious persecution of the Copts in Egypt will achieve that futile goal without a doubt."

"All God-fearing and civil-minded people of all religions and ethnicities around the world have been gazing in horror at the collapse of empty promises and demand the political and religious leadership of Egypt to swiftly denounce all forms of hatred, discrimination and brutality targeting Christians," he added.

The bishop concluded by asking God to bring peace to Egypt and all those suffering persecution.