Leah Remini, Scientology Split: 'She Wanted to Fix Things,' Sister Nicole Says

Leah Remini's decision to leave the Church of Scientology was not an easy one, her sister Nicole said. The decision has affected the entire family, Nicole explained.

"Leah saw wrong in the church and she wanted it fixed," Nicole told Radar Online. "She wanted it looked at and that's all she wanted. Policies were being broken. Families were being broken up. Things were being done that were not ok. Leah wanted it fixed, and they didn't want her fixing anything. That's the bottom line."

Remini made the decision to leave the Church after reportedly writing several letters asking for the leaders of the Church to investigate several areas within the Church's oversight. Her departure led to speculation about the cult's practices, but the Church has issued a statement denying any claims made by Remini.

"My parents didn't think that it would get to this point, that they'd have to leave the church," Nicole added. Six weeks ago my mom was really involved in the church. They thought it would be resolved, but there's this isolation."

"Contrary to myths spouted by anti-Scientologists, the Church cannot and does not 'order' any parishioner to disconnect. Such a decision always has been and remains a deeply personal choice made entirely by the individual," the statement from the Church of Scientology said.

"Leah's shocked. She just can't believe it got to this extent. What's hurtful for Leah and myself is that the church really promotes integrity within their people, but now… they're telling parishioners to go against everything they've been taught. We've been Scientologists since we were like 7, so it's unbelievable," Nicole noted.

Earlier this week, Remini released a statement thanking friends, family, and fans for the support she has received after making her decision. Former Scientologists have also voiced the support for Remini and even urged other celebrities to leave the organization. The niece of president David Miscavige voiced her full support and called Remini a "strong woman" before wishing her and her family "all the best."