Leah Remini to Be Deposed in Church of Scientology Case

Leah Remini will reportedly be deposed in a trial against the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige. The trial was brought against the organization and its leader by Monique Rathbun, who claims that the Church harassed her and former Scientologist husband Marty.

Remini has been called upon to offer insight into the organization and Miscavige and prosecutors are eager to hear what she has to say. She is scheduled to be deposed on Oct. 15, but it's unknown exactly on what she will be questioned.

"We are having to prepare for a hearing on October 18," lead attorney for the Rathbuns, Ray Jeffrey, told Radar Online. "That hearing is about the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige's claim that he shouldn't be made to appear in Texas [because he has no dealings there]. His attorneys have argued in court that we have very stale evidence because it goes back a number of years."

Remini could offer new insight into the organization's dealings, given that she was a long-time member until recently, when she and her family decided to leave. Since then, she has been a vocal opponent of the Church and has no problem speaking her mind. Remini is also planning to write a book that will include her experiences inside the somewhat secretive organization.

"There are two things that we want to try to establish," Jeffrey said. "One is that [Miscavige] does in fact control all aspects of the various Scientology corporations, so this operation in Texas against our clients would not have occurred unless he was involved. We believe Ms. Remini can shed some light on the subject that in fact, he does control things, as she left the church very recently."

The Church of Scientology wants both cases dismissed and claims the Rathbuns have no evidence of their alleged harassment. It has also slammed Remini for being outspoken and denied her claims of mistreatment and abuse against members.