Leann Rimes Hairstyle: Bangs Remnant of Star's Teenage Years (PHOTO)

Leann Rimes introduced a new hairstyle on Saturday that appeared remnant of her long lost, teen star years.

Wife of Eddie Cibrian, Leann Rimes introduced her new bangs on Saturday posting a photo of herself and her husband on Twitter. The 30-year-old singer has not had bangs since she first became a Country music star at the age of 13.

Rimes first made a breakthrough in the Country music industry in 1996, when her album "Blue" hit the top of Country charts. Credited as being the youngest teen country star since Tanya Tucker, she was introduced to the world with dark blonde hair and bangs remnant of the 90's. Over the years Rimes grew her bangs out and began wearing her hair a much lighter shade of blonde.

But on Saturday, posting a photo of herself on Twitter with dark blonde hair and square cut bangs, the country singer was looking more like her old self.

"Love my Andy Lacompte! I got banged :)- love em! Was time for a fun change," the star wrote on Twitter along with the picture.

Her new bangs, however, were not as well received as Rimes was back in the 90's. Almost 70 percent of fans voted that they did not care for Rimes new hair do, a Quick Poll on the Huffington Post revealed.

"The bangs are sloppy and just make her look in need of a haircut," one person wrote on a People magazine blog.

Another blogger suggested that the square bang look is an unstoppable trend.

"My wife owns a hair salon and says that ever since Mrs.Obama cut her hair with bangs, the trend has been overwhelming. Out of an average of 40 cuts a day, 30 are with bangs," a second person wrote. "She says it's really sad when someone who really shouldn't wear bangs insists because they want to look like the First Lady."