LeAnn Rimes Not Pregnant, But Open to Surrogacy and Adoption

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REUTERS/Danny MoloshokLeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes recently denied that she is pregnant after a tabloid claimed that the troubled singer and actor Eddie Cibrian are expecting a child.

On Wednesday Rimes, 30, characteristically took to social networking site Twitter where she responded to a Star magazine report which suggested she is expecting her first child.

"LMAO Star Magazine! I don't know if you dr the pics or pic the worst one you can find, but I'm far from pregnant & just dropped a jean size," Rimes tweeted July 10.

In a previous interview, the avid Twitter user revealed that while she does in fact want children, she is in no rush. Rimes, whose parents reportedly struggled for over a decade to conceive her, admitted that if she too were to ever experience fertility struggles, she would be open to using a surrogate or turning to other options.

"It took my mom 12 years to have me. I hope I don't have that [issue] but if I do, then a surrogate is something I've thought about," Rimes told People magazine.

"Eddie and I have also talked about adopting. My capacity to love a child doesn't stop at my own eggs, obviously!" she continued.

The troubled singer, who is said to be in a better place following her stint in rehab, is already a stepmother to Cibrian's sons from his previous marriage to best-selling author Brandi Glanville, but she is said to be intent on trying for their own biological children.

"LeAnn has been trying to get pregnant since Christmas. She wants a baby with Eddie more than anything," a source told HollywoodLife.com.

"She's been to see a bunch of fertility doctors and she's been following their advice — she even gained weight because she was told it would help, but so far nothing is working," the source explained.

The country singer is said to be trusting in "God's plan" and considering IVF as a means to conceive.

"It's incredibly hard for her, she wants a baby so bad and can't understand why it isn't happening for her but she's trying to trust in God's plan," the source continued. "She's holding onto her faith but she's also looking at all her options, even IVF."