Rumored $315 LeBron Nike Sneaker Causes Uproar Among Fans

Lebron James' fans are not happy about the reigning NBA Finals MVP and first-time NBA title holder's new sneaker, the Lebron X+, which is rumored to be released later this year for a hefty price of $315.

James, 27-year-old Miami Heat forward, will reportedly release his new sneakers in collaboration with Nike next year. While James' will released his Lebron X footwear for $180 in the fall, NBC News reports that his Lebron X+ sneakers will reportedly come equipped with motion sensing technology and at a heftier price.

According to the Wall Street Journal, James' upcoming sneaker will be the highest priced basketball sneaker release from Nike. However, some fans were unhappy with the rumored price tag of James' Lebron X+ footwear and took to Twitter to express their feelings about the shoes that the basketball player wore in a winning game over Spain at the 2012 London Olympics.

One person chastised people who were thinking of spending the rumored $315 being asked for the basketball sneakers.

"If people buy those Lebron X's, I'll have no hope anymore," the person said.

Another person said the footwear is not worth the reported asking price.

"I don't think those Lebron shoes are worth $315," the person tweeted. "Waste of money!"

While countless people complained about the alleged asking price of James' upcoming release, others suggested protesting by not buying the sneakers.

"Stop crying over the price of Lebron's shoe. The best way to protest is to not buy them," one person tweeted. "If u got 315 get em. If u don't then don't (sic)."

Brian Strong, Nike Spokesperson, recently gave information to NBC News about the asking price of the sneaker, letting it be known that some of James' other footwear options have a significantly lower price tag. However, the upcoming Lebron X+ sneaker release that is rumored to start at $315 was not confirmed by Strong.

"The LEBRON X will be launched in the Fall at a suggested retail price (SRP) of $180. The initial introduction of the LEBRON X will be the red, white and blue Nike+ enabled version and that price is still being set, but will be at a higher price to reflect the Nike+ technology embedded in the shoes," Strong said. "Nike continues to offer shoes at various price points for consumers, including currently in the marketplace the LeBron Zoom Soldier basketball shoe at a SRP of $120 and the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse at a SRP $110... Just to reiterate, we're not yet commenting on the price of the LeBron X+."