Lecrae Brings Jesus to the BET Awards

Christian rap artist Lecrae represented Christ at the BET Hip Hop Awards for the show's famed cypher sessions earlier this week.

These cypher sessions take the best in the rap industry and pit them against each other for lyrical dominance over a steady beat as rappers take turns flexing their vocal muscle.

Lecrae, representing his home city of Houston and Christian emcees everywhere, did not fail to disappoint as he boldly professed Jesus in his rhymes and poked a little fun at himself as well.

"You're probably watchin' like I never heard of him...the nerve of him, that's so absurd of him," Lecrae joked.

Then in a Notorious B.I.G. type mimic of a famous line and flow, he up lifts Jesus with a clever rhyme, "Je-sus, the notorious, no/the most glorious homie."

In another shout of praise he rapped, "They looking for a savior but we killed ours/ Still he rose like Derrick, no bull/ You want to meet the Lord, come holla I got pull."

Lecrae came out to prove to the hip-hop industry that Christian rappers could be on the same level as a regular emcee.

Although BET spelled Lecrae's name wrong "Lacrae," he made sure people would not forget him and spoke out against the award show in a clever matter rhyming, "But them awards can't follow you to the grave/ you livin' for them whips and chains then you a slave."

Lecrae was not featured on anything else in the show, but saw the opportunity to promote with such a big audience. After his cypher segment he tweeted a link to a project he's working on called I Am Second testimony profile.

Lecrae will bring his Man Up Tour event to Houston on Oct. 22.

Lecrae has been nominated for four GMA Awards, and one Grammy. He won one GMC award for "Best Hip-Hop Music Video," and five Rapzilla awards in 2006 for "Best Male Artist," "Best Album," "Best Song," "Best Music Video," and "Best Album Cover."