Lecrae Drops New Album Cover for 'Anomaly' on Instagram and Twitter

Lecrae posted up new cover art for his upcoming album Anomaly earlier today.

The rapper debuted the new art, which is actually a CGI version of his face with graph-like lines going through it, on Instagram and Twitter. The former version plays out as a short video that uses the lines to illustrate his face.

Lecrae first announced his album over Twitter earlier this month. The new project is set to drop in August and He used a picture of a notebook where he wrote some more information about it to promote it.

"My name is Lecrae and my new album Anomaly drops August 2014," read the message.

Various athletes and other rappers followed Lecrae's post with their own messages and hashtags. This included Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin, Oakland Raiders defensive end Justin Tuck and fellow rapper Derek Minor.

Derek Minor wrote a short message on a Fruit Loops box which read "I'm eating out here. #Anomaly."

Lin's message was written on a piece and graph paper.

"My name is Jeremy and my life journey has been like none other. #Anomaly." he wrote.

Justin Tuck typed his message on a blank piece of paper.

"Hi, my name is Justin. I play football. But I'm more than a football player. #Anomaly."

This will be Lecrae's seventh official studio album and his first since 2012's Grammy Award winning Gravity. His career spans almost 10 years and also includes both of his Church Clothes mixtapes.

Lecrae is arguably one of the most well-known and controversial figures in Christian hip-hop due to his stance on the genre itself. With his last three projects the rapper attempted to separate himself from the Christian label in order to reach a wider audience with his music and his message. During that process many longtime fans lashed out at him claiming he watered down his lyrics and became "too commercial."