'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 3 Renewal: Classic DC Comics Character Joining Roster?

(Photo: The CW)A promotional still from "Legends of Tomorrow" season 2.

"Legends of Tomorrow" season 3 is expected to feature new faces. One of these is a classic DC Comics character that many fans would recognize.

This is none other than Kamandi, a creation of comic book legend Jack Kirby. The character was the focus of the series, "Kamandi, the Last Boy," which was set in a post-apocalyptic future.

Kamandi is a teenager who is pulled into a world where evolved animals rule regions of the planet, which is the aftermath of the Great Disaster.

Considering how "Legends of Tomorrow" season 2 ended (the team "broke time" with Los Angeles, 2017 peppered with tall, futuristic buildings and dinosaurs), Screen Rant believes Kamandi can ease in effortlessly.

Nothing is confirmed at the moment with regards to which DC Comics characters will find run into the Waverider crew in "Legends of Tomorrow" season 3, although the team behind the series already has an idea.

Executive producer Phil Klemmer teased at PaleyFest that there will be new additions to the show, and even to the team, come "Legends of Tomorrow" season 3.

"We haven't fully pitched it, but we've got great ideas, and hopefully the studio and network agree," the EP said of their plans for the new season.

"But so much of the show is working well this year. You just want to play to your strengths, and keep having fun," he went on to say.

Media outlets and critics are one in saying that the second run of "Legends of Tomorrow" was a major step-up from the first one, which focused on the team's quest to defeat Vandal Savage (Casper Crump).

The second season was praised for the much better chemistry in the team, the Legion of Doom being much more effective and gripping antagonists and the overall fun of time travel.

If Kamandi does not end up in "Legends of Tomorrow" season 3, CBR has a list of other characters that they expect would make it to the show, including The Wonder Twins, Black Vulcan and Huntress.