Legion of Christ's Women Take Drastic Measures

The women of the Legion of Christ are taking action which may devastate the Legion. The female leader of the Legionaries of Christ has resigned, sparking 30 members to leave the movement.

The Washington Post reported that Malen Oriol asked to resign as the assistant to the general director of the Legion.

Though her title was just assistant to the general director, Orial lead the Legionaries of Christ's consecrated woman. Her oversight consisted of about 600 women. These women recruited and fundraised for the Legion, and they also worked in Legion of Christ schools.

The Legionaries have been riddled with scandal for many years. In 2009 it was revealed that their founder Reverend Marciel Maciel, was guilty of many abuses.

The Irish Times reported that the Reverend was "in ongoing relationships with two women, and had children with them." And, even more shockingly, "He was also guilty of depraved sexual abuse of boys and young men."

Maciel was removed from his post, but he was not put on trial "due to old age and declining health."
The exposure of Maciel's abusive acts had a devastating effect on the Legion of Christ, from which they are yet to bounce back.

When the scandal was brought to light, dozens of priests and 400 consecrated women left the Legion of Christ.

Since then, Pope Benedict XVI has placed Cardinal Velasio De Paolis in charge of reforming the Legion. Some believe that De Paolis has not done enough, as many of those who covered up Maciel's abuses remain active in the Legion.

While only 30 women left the Legion today, The Post reports that their actions could serve as an omen for the future of the Legion.

The women are not leaving the Legion to return to their private lives, rather "they are seeking to continue living out their religious vocations under bishops – something that is potentially problematic for the Legion's survival if others were to follow suit."