Leonardo DiCaprio and Cristin Milioti Spotted in Photos on 'Wolf of Wall St' Set

Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted in New York on Saturday with his co-star Cristin Milioti shooting scenes for their new film, "The Wolf of Wall Street." The shoot created a stir in the area with fans desperate to get a glimpse of the stars.

DiCaprio plays a Wall Street stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, who used to enjoy a extravagant lifestyle. However, his life was thrown into turmoil after he was indicted for securities fraud and money laundering in 1998 and imprisoned for 22 months is a federal prison.

In photos of the shoot DiCaprio is seen with dark brown dyed hair to give him the look of real-life Belfort, according to Radar Online.

Meanwhile, in other news DiCaprio and Robert Pattinson were reportedly planning a trip to Puerto Rico together. According to various sources DiCaprio invited the British actor to join him for an invitation-only private party to celebrate the finishing of new movie "Runner, Runner," which DiCaprio produced.

A source close to DiCaprio has told Showbiz Spy: "Leo wants to book a mansion at a secret location on the coast so he and his pals can party in private. He's kept an eye on Rob's career ever since people started calling him the next Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo figured it would be great for him to hang out with a bunch of laid-back guys."

"Leo joked they could compare baseball cap collections -- and told Rob before he knew it, he'd be dating a model, just like him!"

Pattinson was reportedly introduced to DiCaprio through their mutual friend, actress Reese Witherspoon. Pattinson and Witherspoon have been close friends since they worked on 2011 film "Water for Elephants" together.

Witherspoon has been a rock for Pattinson to lean on during his recent split from long term girlfriend Kristen Stewart, whose affair with director Rupert Sanders was very publicly revealed.

Pattinson even reportedly stayed with Witherspoon for a period following his split from Stewart, after he moved out from the apartment he had been sharing with his "Twilight" co-star.

Witherspoon and DiCaprio have also been close friends since they met two years ago at a fundraiser for Haiti.

Pattinson has had a turbulent time over recent weeks following the scandal of his partner's affair. Stewart was photographed at various locations kissing and canoodling with Sanders, who had directed her in his film "Snow White and the Huntsman." Sanders, a married father of two, has also been on damage control and has stated his hope that his wife, who played Stewart's mother in Sanders' film, would stay with him despite his affair.

Pattinson recently sold the Los Feliz home he shared with Stewart, indicating that their relationship is seemingly over.

Since rumors broke that DiCaprio and Pattinson were set to party in Puerto Rico,various sources have denied this is the case, although others believe this is just a front to keep the party as secretive as possible.