Lesbian Couple Allows Adopted Son, 8, to Start Sex Change

A young boy, adopted by a lesbian couple when he was just two, has been reported to have started the process of changing his sex to be female at the age of just eight.

Thomas Lobel, who is now known as Tammy and is aged 11, currently testifies that he always knew he wanted to be a girl. To that end, with his mothers’ blessings he is undergoing hormone blocking treatment to stop him going through puberty.

The lesbian mothers, who live in Berkeley, California insist they have not forced their son to become a girl. However, many critics have blasted the parents saying that the child’s sexuality should not be such a central agenda at the age of eight.

Tammy, as he is now known, wears girl’s clothes and lives as a girl.

Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel, who adopted him as a young baby claim he was depressed when he was younger. The couple also has two older sons, who live happily as “outgoing and athletic” men, according to The Daily Mail.

At the age of seven, Thomas was diagnosed with gender identity disorder, and soon after his parents started the transition to allow him to dress as a girl; wearing dresses and bras.

Mother Pauline told CNN: “As soon as we let him put on a dress, his personality changed from a very sad kid who sat still, didn't do much of anything to a very happy little girl who was thrilled to be alive.”

In the past few months Tammy has started taking hormone-blocking drugs to stop him developing as a boy; bringing a halt to him growing broader shoulders, a deeper voice, and facial hair.

His parents say they are willing to allow the boy to choose to continue to grow as a boy later, or to take female hormones instead, which would help to develop him as a girl; growing breasts and other feminine characteristics.

San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and Los Angeles are the only four cities in the United States that have centers with programs set up for transgender children.