Lesbian Named Christian Says Pentecostal Southwestern Christian University Expelled Her for Marrying Her Girlfriend

(Photo: Screen Grab via CNN)Christian Minard, 22.

A lesbian student named Christian is now crying foul after alleging that Southwestern Christian University in Oklahoma expelled her a few weeks shy of her senior year in college this month because she broke her lifestyle covenant with the school when she married her girlfriend.

Southwestern Christian University, which has just under 700 students, requires that all of them sign a Lifestyle Covenant espousing traditional Christian values.

Christian Minard, 22, who came to the school on a basketball scholarship, told CNN  that even though she broke the covenant, she believes the school is unfairly punishing her for her Sapphic desire as many other students have broken the school's lifestyle covenant before and did not face similar consequences.

Minard said she was informed SCU's decision this month via a letter noting that an administrator was informed of her same-sex marriage which she announced on her Facebook page.

"As an American and a Christian, I do respect your choice. [But] I have to uphold the lifestyle covenant at SCU and confront you with our position. Due to this recent event, you will not be able to attend SCU in the future," the administrator allegedly noted in the letter to Minard.

The school's provost, Connie Sjoberg, said they were unable to confirm Minard's claim because federal law "prohibits us from confirming if an individual is or has been a student at our institution."

Minard is now trying to decide on her next move.


"I'm trying to figure out how and where I can graduate," she told CNN. "... It's going to be hard to get into classes that may be full, because they gave me very little notice before the fall semester starts."

Minard explained that even though she had come to the university on a basketball scholarship, she was forced to start paying her way with loans after injury cut her playing career short.

"I stayed on without a scholarship," she said, "because I was so invested in the university and knew that some credits wouldn't transfer to other schools."

But she was also romancing another student named Kadyn Park who she met on the campus 3 and-a-half years ago. She married her in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on March 17.

"We eventually fell in love and decided to get married," said Minard of her relationship with Park.

Minard, who was raised as a Lutheran, said her faith was once at odds with her sexuality but she now believes that God is OK with her lesbian relationship.

"I had questions, but I worked through those questions," she said. "And now I have a strong faith in God. And I believe you can still have faith in God and live a gay lifestyle."

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