'Lethal Weapon' Season 2 Spoilers: Riggs' Youth Will Be Explored in Flashback Episode

"Lethal Weapon" season 2 will be taking a stroll down memory lane in a flashback episode. The show will explore Martin Riggs' (Clayne Crawford) younger years to explain why his character has hang-ups.

Facebook/LethalWeaponFOX"Lethal Weapon" will return for a second season on FOX this Tuesday, Sept.26, at 8:00 p.m.

Showrunner Matt Miller revealed their plan to TV Line. The flashback episode will also feature Riggs' father (Rex Linn) and his childhood friend (Lynn Collins).

"What we start to realize is that it wasn't simply that he was mourning the death of his wife," Miller said. "This guy was broken long before that, in early childhood."

Collins' appearance, however, will not be a one-time thing. The show booked the actress for a multi-episode guest stint in "Lethal Weapon" season 2. Her relationship with Riggs in present day could evolve into a romance in succeeding episodes but Miller didn't reveal additional details.

Meanwhile, Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) will also have someone from his past appear in "Lethal Weapon" season 2. "Blindspot" actress Michelle Hurd will be introduced as the chief of the police force, Gina Santos. Like Collins, Hurd will also make a multi-episode appearance.

Back when Santos worked as a cop, and not as the cops' boss, she and Murtaugh almost had something happen romantically but it led to awkwardness. It will be more awkward now for Murtaugh because he would be working under Santos' command.

Meanwhile, a new promo video for "Lethal Weapon" described what the theme will be for the second season. As much as this is a FOX action comedy and a buddy cop series, it's also about relationships.

"Love is the motivation for every single one of our characters on our show," Keesha Sharp (Trish Murtaugh) said. "Without that we have nothing."

"Lethal Weapon" season 2 will return on Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 8:00 p.m. EST on FOX. The show also stars Jordana Brewster (Maureen Cahill), Kevin Rahm (Brooks Avery), Johnathan Hernandez (Scorsese) and Michelle Mitchenor (Sonya Bailey).