Levi Lusko, Trailblazing the Gospel in Montana

 Editors' Note: In a season where every day seems to bring a new assault on traditional Biblical views, there are nonetheless a whole new generation of young pastors preaching orthodox biblical Christianity and seeing their churches grow exponentially because of it. The Christian Post has picked but a few of scores of pastors enjoying the favor of God in this way, in an effort to find out what about the Gospel resonates in today's generation.

Pastors interviewed are under 40, most, but not all, in urban settings and are attracting Christians over a wide age spectrum, including millenials and Generations X and Y. These pastors uphold traditional biblical views of family and morality, yet attract young people and are gaining national reputations.

Today we spotlight Levi Lusko, 31, pastor of Fresh Life Church, a multi-site church in Kalispell, Mont.

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