Lewis- Cannes 'Snobs' at Film Festival, Actor Still Finds Women Unfunny

Jerry Lewis took aim at the Cannes Film Festival with another controversial statement Tuesday. The 87-year-old actor is already well known for his divisive opinions, such as his feeling that female comedians are not funny.

Lewis candidly suggested that the French Riviera event was "for snobs" during an interview over the weekend.

"It's so nice to hear an American," Lewis told the Associated Press while in Cannes.

The comedian attended the film festival solely on "business" to promote his independent film "Max Rose," where he stars as an elderly man.

"I'm very happy to relax and stay home with my family, and if something comes up, I'll consider it," the actor said of his return to movies. "That's the nice part about 87. You just tell people: Oh, you're very tired."

This year's Cannes Film Festival, or Festival de Cannes, has seen stars such as Nicole Kidman, Carrie Mulligan and Eva Longoria as well as dozens of other A-listers on the red carpet.

The festival recognizes and encourages film products. It began on May 15 and will wrap up on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Lewis has swept several other film commemorations, earning lifetime achievements from the Venice Film Festival and from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

The actor's comment about Cannes attendees is not the only opinion that has landed him in hot water.

Lewis recently reiterated his belief that female comedians are not funny, explaining that watching women do comedy "sets me back a bit," reported the Huffington Post.

"I cannot sit and watch a lady diminish her qualities to the lowest common denominator," he added. "I just can't do it."

The actor continued to unabashedly stand by the view in Cannes.

"It's the truth, I can't help it" said the star of 1961 film "The Ladies Man."

"Women, it's just wrong," Lewis added. "I don't care that the audience laughs at it and likes it. I don't happen to like it. I have too much respect for the gender. And I think they are wrong in doing it. I can't expect them to stop working, but just don't work anywhere where I have to look at it."