LG Boasts the World's First Unbreakable Smartphone

LG recently made a claim that its 5-inch OLED smartphone display is totally unbreakable.

The device sporting this new screen recently made an appearance and bears a striking resemblance to the LG Optimus G Pro smartphone, according to 9to5 Google. The phone is mostly made of plastic and is quite bendable and flexible. The company claims it does not have a breaking point.

This is a bold claim for LG. Sonim, another company that once believed it had created an unbreakable phone invited BBC journalist Dan Simmons to do his best job in trying to destroy it. Unfortunately for Sonim, Simmons was successful in doing damage to the device.

Google and Motorola are also hard at work at creating much tougher displays for their smartphones. Google's CEO Larry Page was recently quoted on a device such as this one as he believes "when you drop your phone, it shouldn't go splat."

Drop tests have also increased the desire for the smartphone that could survive one without a scratch. However, nothing with that type of body has hit the market yet.

LG released its curved screen OLED TV this month..

The company feels that its curved screen set will improve user experience by eliminating the problem of screen-edge visual distortion and loss of detail. The company spent the last five years developing and perfecting the technology that will be used on the TV. The screen surface on LG's 55EA9800 model is said to show an equally distant design that allows viewers to see clearly no matter where they sit.

The new TV measures in at 4.3 millimeters thick and weighs 17 kilograms. It will cost $13,500. NDP Display Search predicts that LG will sell two million units in its first two years and seven million by 2016.

The set features WRGB technology that allows people to deliver color with a white sub-pixel along with red, blue, and green pixels, which are found in standard television sets. It also has transparent thin-film speakers that provide high quality sound.