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LG V30+ Specs, Release Date: Vlogging Phone Coming to T-Mobile on Nov. 17

LG V30+ Specs, Release Date: Vlogging Phone Coming to T-Mobile on Nov. 17

The LG V30+, the phone maker's new flagship aimed at avid video makers on social media, is making its way to T-Mobile subscribers on Friday, Nov. 17. This variant is the same 128 GB storage model that Sprint had earlier claimed to be their network exclusive.

It comes as no surprise since the LG V30 happens to be the first handset that actually takes advantage of T-Mobile's 600 MHz LTE spectrum, according to The Verge. The LG V30+ is what the South Korea-based phone maker calls the 128 GB storage model of its new flagship that comes with better earbuds and a High Fidelity Quad Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).

A promo image of the new LG V30 showing off its new OLED FullVision display technology. | LG Electronics

T-Mobile has just announced that they are also getting the LG V30+ out to their subscribers. LG's higher tier model was earlier announced as a Sprint exclusive, according to Engadget, but since the company was in merger talks with T-Mobile at the time, it makes sense that Sprint was willing to share.

Aside from storage, the LG V30 and the LG V30+ contain the same specs and overall design. On the front, the phones feature LG's FullVision design, the company's take on the almost bezel-less trend on today's flagship devices. Both models come with a 6-inch OLED display that supports High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Inside, both variants are powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset supported by 4 GB of memory. The LG V30 has 64 GB of storage, half of what's onboard the LG V30+.

The highlight feature of both models is the software that controls the dual cameras at the back. As a phone that's aimed at video blogging, LG's custom software features manual controls that are only usually seen in cameras and dedicated video recording devices.

One of the cameras making up the LG V30 dual sensor setup also features a super-wide lens, something else that other flagship phones don't usually have.


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