Liam Hemsworth Intervention: Brothers Urged Actor to End Miley Cyrus Engagement?

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(Photo: Reuters)Liam Hemsworth at "The Hunger Games" premiere.

Liam Hemsworth has reportedly started "pulling away" from Miley Cyrus after his brothers allegedly staged an intervention to end the couple's engagement for good.

In February, Hemsworth, 23, was embroiled in a cheating scandal with actress January Jones, 35, and while the pair never publicly addressed the reports, Cyrus, 20, moved past the drama and eagerly proceeded with wedding planning. However, Hemsworth's brothers, Chris and Luke, reportedly urged the "Hunger Games" actor to end his engagement.

"They want him to end the romance for good," a source told Us magazine with another adding that subsequently, "Liam's pulling away."

Cyrus initially stopped wearing her engagement ring after photos of Hemsworth with Jones surfaced online, which critics believed was a sign of strain in the relationship. Eventually the former Disney star was able to overcome the matter, with reports suggesting she willingly turned a blind eye on the scandal. However, Hemsworth allegedly suddenly got cold feet regarding the wedding.

"They've both been getting pressured by their management teams to hold off on the wedding, but it was Liam that gave in first and admitted that they should wait," a source close to the couple told

"He didn't call it off or anything, he just wanted to take some more time but I guess some people might call that cold feet. He's trying to do the mature thing, but Miley didn't take it well, she's been very upset and angry with him ever since which has only made them fight more," the source explained.

The "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" singer apparently became more intent on marrying the Australian actor after the cheating reports surfaced, which a source claims only pushed him away.

"He just snapped and said that he wasn't ready, which upset Miley because she was always so insistent they'd marry within a year," a source told

"She was devastated, but Miley understands she may have been pushing him too much. Miley doesn't want to lose Liam, so she's accepted that she is just going to have to wait," the source added.