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Liberal Site Removes Story Claiming All Eight Supreme Court Justices Reject Neil Gorsuch

Liberal Site Removes Story Claiming All Eight Supreme Court Justices Reject Neil Gorsuch

With his wife Marie Louise (L) looking on, U.S. Supreme Court nominee judge Neil Gorsuch testifies during a third day of his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., March 22, 2017. | (Photo: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)

A liberal website that labeled "unreliable" has apparently taken down an article claiming that all eight Supreme Court Justices reject President Donald Trump's nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Earlier this week the site Bipartisan Report posted an article titled "JUST IN: All 8 Supreme Court Justices Stand In Solidarity Against Trump SCOTUS Pick."

The story claimed that the eight Justices wrote a letter stating their opposition to President Trump's nominee, arguing that Gorsuch is the wrong choice to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

"All eight of the current justices agree that President Trump is completely wrong in choosing Neil Gorsuch to fill the ninth seat on the Supreme Court bench. The letter cited a 2008 ruling by Gorsuch as reason," read the story, as reproduced by Snopes.

"While Trump was attempting to persuade Congress of reasons Gorsuch would be a good choice, Chief Justice John Roberts penned a letter from the Supreme Court that addressed the issues with Gorsuch's 'approach' being 'the law of the land.'"

Snopes labeled the story "mostly false," noting that Bipartisan Report's piece "was a gross partisan exaggeration" which based itself off of an obscure case in which the high court overruled a decision Gorsuch had made while on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

"So yes, the U.S. Supreme Court disagreed with previous appellate decisions which Neil Gorsuch had a hand in shaping," noted Snopes.

"But all courts of appeal, including the Supreme Court, essentially deal with disagreements over previous proceedings and rulings, and Gorsuch was not the only judge — nor was his court the only court — involved in those earlier decisions."

During his hearings, Gorsuch pointed out that as an appellate judge 97% of his cases resulted in unanimous rulings and he was in the majority in 99% of the cases. 

When The Christian Post went to the link for the Bipartisan Report article on Thursday morning, an error message appeared.

Furthermore, searching the title of the article with Bipartisan Report's search engine on Thursday morning did not turn up any results.

Bipartisan Report's story and its apparent removal from its website come after the Senate Judiciary Committee held their confirmation hearings on Gorsuch.

While Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has expressed his intention to filibuster Gorsuch, a recent poll indicated that most Americans want an up-or-down vote on the nominee.

"Fifty-four percent of respondents in the NBC News/Survey Monkey survey released Thursday say Judge Neil Gorsuch should get an up-or-down vote while 37 percent say Senate Democrats should block it," reported The Hill.

"Senate Democratic leaders are giving centrist colleagues space on Gorsuch despite strong pressure from the liberal base to block his nomination."

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