Liberty Ross Condor Picture Indicates Divorce After Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders Affair

Liberty Ross has updated her Vogue blog with a condor picture. The model and actress has been quiet since news broke of her husband Rupert Sanders' affair with Kristen Stewart, but she has released the cryptic image on Monday.

On her blog are old postings of her talking about the "Snow White and the Huntsman" promotional tour. She starred in that movie, playing Kristen Stewart's mother, prior to the "Twilight" actress commencing an affair with her husband.

Just weeks after the "Snow White" promotions Liberty Ross' life was rocked by the release of pictures showing her husband kissing Stewart and cuddling her in numerous locations.

In the aftermath of her husband's affair Ross simply tweeted "Wow," and then went silent on the issue. However, now the posting of a lone condor has sparked rumors that she plans to divorce her husband and return to the UK with their children, Skyla, seven, and Tennyson, five.

Robert Pattinson, long term boyfriend of Stewart, has also remained very quiet on the whole scandal, and has moved out from the Los Angeles apartment he shared with Stewart. He has taken part in a couple of TV interviews in the past few weeks to promote his new film, but has refused to talk in detail about Stewart's affair and their relationship.

Ross moved with her husband to the United States to support his career, however, following his indiscretions it is being rumored she plans to move back to the UK with her kids.

A source has told People magazine, "She has no strong ties in the U.S. nor does she want to remain here. She obviously wants them to carry on seeing their father, but she feels there is no point in staying in the U.S."

The source added, "Given that the majority of her family and friends are in the UK, nothing is holding her here and the kids are young enough to start a new school and not be affected."

Meanwhile another source has told Radar Online: "Liberty is not making this easy for Rupert. Rupert is willing to do absolutely anything and everything he can to save his marriage. He realizes this is the worst mistake of his life, and he cannot believe he was so stupid."

The source concluded, "The thought of losing his wife and children, who he loves more than anything in the world is killing him."