Lil Kim Surgery 'Gone Bad,' Lip Not Working? (PHOTOS)

Lil' Kim may have undergone plastic surgery once again, according to new reports. This time however, the rapper may have caused permanent damage to her face.

Lil' Kim appeared at the L.A. Pride 2012 in West Hollywood over the weekend showing off a new look reportedly granted by the efforts of plastic surgery. The surgery was not an apparent success, as many reported that Kim had crossed the line with the number of procedures that she had committed to.

Caught in a not-so-flattering picture, Lil' Kim appeared on stage with a dragging smile, unkempt hair, and almost unrecognizable features, according to some.

"Overall, this an example of plastic surgery gone bad," celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Garo Kassabian of Lift MD Aesthetics Beverly Hills, told Radar Online in his professional opinion. "It looks like she had a brow lift from top to bottom, leaving her brows looking uneven and also a nostril reduction."

Kassabian also reported that the extent of Kim's surgery might have caused extensive and even un-repairable damage.

"It looks like her lips are thinner than before. It's possible that she had a lip reduction performed," Kassabian pointed out, drawing attention to Kim's lopsided smile. "It looks as though her lower lip on the left side is not working well."

It's too bad, said some users, who believed Kim to be attractive before she had acquired the surgery.

"This is one surgery that went terribly wrong and the plastic surgeon should lose his license....if he even has one. She was pretty BEFORE this surgery," WillowSilvermoon wrote on the Radar Online blog.

Others, however, accused the picture of being photoshopped and stated that the picture presented was not an accurate representation of the rapper.

"Horrible photo shop... see other real authentic photos she has a skinny face...not this swollen blown up pooffy face ur trying to push as surgery all lies," Stark3923 wrote.