Lil Snupe Funeral: 'I Saw Myself in Him,' Says Mill Meek in Teary Speech

Lil Snupe Funeral: 'I Saw Myself in Him,' Says Mill Meek in Teary Speech

Hundreds turned out to the funeral for rapper Lil' Snupe, who was shot and killed last week.

Born Addarren Ross, the 18-year-old up-and-coming rapper was on the pathway to success last week before being shot and killed at the Maplewood Apartment complex in his hometown of Shreeveport, La. Earlier this year Ross was signed on by Maybach Music artist Meek Mill's label Dreamchasers. Mill was one of many celebrities to attend the funeral procession along side hundreds of other mourners.

People began arriving up to three hours before the 1 p.m. service was to begin, according to The Shreveport Times. Mill arrived just before the service began, offering an emotional speech to the large crowd.

"I'm never one to talk (at funerals)," Mill said, explaining how he felt he had a special connection to Ross. "I saw something in him. His demo tape spoke to me. I saw myself in him."

Mill had identified with the rapper before, noting during an MTV interview in February that he had an appreciation for Ross' lyrics.

"He was spitting so much pain," Mill said of his protégé. "He's from the South with a flow like an East Coast guy. He really can spit, and he was talking that talk that I can really relate to. I seen potential in him."

A letter was also read out loud, offered by Ross' father, who is currently incarcerated.

"He came from nothing," Charlie Brown wrote. "He taught the young to never make excuses. When the doors open for me, the world will forever hear Lil' Snupe!"

Last week, the 36-year-old man suspected of murdering Ross, Tony Holden, surrendered to Louisiana police. According to the AP, Holden was charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.


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