Lil Wayne Admits to Drug Use and Talks About Creativity in PSA

Yesterday Lil Wayne released a half hour PSA video on Vimeo where he discussed creativity, heroes, what inspires him, and even his addiction to the drug "sizzurp."

Looking like an episode of "MTV Cribs," Wayne is followed around his mansion by the cameraman as he opens up the video touching upon the death of Steve Jobs.

He calls Jobs an innovator and wonders if the world will remember him like they do Jobs. This contemplation brings Wayne into an admission about himself when he starts discussing being addicted to "sizzurp" also known as syrup saying, "I was like, man, what if I just skate off my roof and end it all."

He goes onto to explain the composition of syrup, which is essentially a cough syrup concoction with Sprite or other soda and admits he's being doing it since he was a young teen.

"I started drinking it because I'm from the South," Wayne says, and talks about how he used to see rapper Pimp C do it. Pimp C died of an accidental syrup overdose in 2007, which was a helping factor in Wayne quitting the drug.

Wayne talks about syrup leading to other drugs, and how he needed it to help him cope with being a celebrity because he was sick. "I'm not sick anymore," he claims in the video.

Lil Wayne goes on to condemn syrup and drug use, but contradicts his statements regardless of joking saying something along the lines of – keep doing syrup just don't say it came from me.

The rapper's drug use or at least his past drug use is made apparent in his lyrics despite claims he is a Christian. In an interview with Rolling Stone while he was serving his prison sentence for gun charges, he said, "Jail didn't make me find God, He's always been there. They can lock me up, but my spirit and my love can never be confined to prison walls."

While his fans and the music industry can question Wayne's faith and drug use, one thing that remains constant is his "Midas" like touch on the music industry becoming successful in every venture he puts his hands to.

His newest album, Tha Carter IV was released on Aug. 29 and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 selling just under a million copies in its first week.

Wayne has had 20 BET Award nominations winning 10 of them to go along with 10 Grammy nominations winning four.

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