'Limitless' Season 2 News and Updates: New Season Might Have Overhauled Plot; Lady Gaga to Join Cast?

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The second season of "Limitless" has been under a lot of fire lately, with the cyclical cancellation, network move, contract failure, and so on. However, with the show's future seeming bleak, will a new star and a story overhaul save "Limitless"?

FX to the Rescue?

Since the cancellation of "Limitless" in CBS, the future of its second season has been in rough waters. Even with showrunner Craig Sweeney's utmost efforts to seek for a new network to call home for the show, everything has been fruitless as of yet. However, when executive producer and occasional starring actor Bradley Cooper stepped in, hope sparked among the fans.

Cooper was reportedly lobbying "Limitless" Season 2 to FX. However, there is still no official word regarding the final contract or if the network will indeed pick up the show. The one common hindrance among all networks have been the show's complicated plot. This worries a lot of fans though, as the heart of "Limitless" runs mostly around its perplex premise.

Plot Overhaul

One of the major elements of "Limitless" is the NZT drug. The plot of the second season, if it would ever come to fruition, would still be revolving around this plot device. This is undoubtedly the pivotal theme of the show, giving a lot of complications to the whole plot.

This, however, seems to be the main problem for "Limitless". The overtly complicated plot, combined with the element of drugs have been attributed to as the main reasons why major networks have turned down the pitch for the show. There are also the political and social issues innately involved with the theme, which networks do not see as attractive to audiences.

With this, the showrunners may have to change the overall theme of "Limitless" Season 2. To avoid further cancellation, the show must cater to whatever the audience is looking for. This would then translate to higher ratings for the show.

New Cast?

In addition to the complicated plot, there was also the matter of the cast not pulling enough audience ratings for "Limitless". Jake McDorman, who plays the main character Brian Finch, was perceived not to be effective enough to attract viewers.

Given this, "Limitless" might be looking out to cast another actor with a much bigger fan base. Rumors have been suggesting that Lady Gaga might join the cast of the show. Lady Gaga has been working on a project with Bradley Cooper, so it is no surprise that he would bring her in to potentially save the show. It is still unclear though if she would be an additional cast member or if she will indeed replace one of the characters in "Limitless".

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