Lindsay Hamon, Evangelist, Carried 12-Foot Cross Worldwide for 26 Years

A British man dedicated to spreading the message of Christ spent the last 26 years carrying a 12-foot wooden cross around the globe.

Lindsay Hamon, 60, from Camborne, Cornwall, has visited 19 countries including India, New Zealand, and Bangladesh as he continues on his journey hoping to inspire those he may come across during his travels.

Hamon began carrying the 12 x 6 foot cedar wood cross in 1987 when he decided that he was going to take up God's calling and travel the globe talking about Jesus to anyone who will listen.

"I find people often want to talk, but if people don't want to know I walk on. The love you get from it all is amazing, people will just stop and ask you questions, offer you food and sometimes a place to stay," Hamon told

Some might wonder how he is able to carry such a large object, but Hamon attached a small wheel at the base of the cross to make it easier to walk with. He usually carries the cross over his shoulder for more than 12 hours a day.

"There is fear there sometimes because I have a wife and kids and you don't want to put yourself in danger. It is really trusting in God, knowing he will protect you," Hamon said.

He does have a part-time job as a care worker, but he also receives donations from supporters to help him stay on the road and still meet his family's obligations.

"I tried giving up my full time work and doing this full time instead but I didn't get enough money to make ends meet," he said.

He is currently in England as he journeys from Taunton to Bristol with his final destination coming in Exeter before he returns home to rest for his next trip. Hamon revealed that he is planning on visiting Latvia in May and will then proceed to Cambodia after the country's rainy season ends.