Lindsay Lohan Assault: Actress Attacked in New York Hotel Room

Lindsay Lohan has been assaulted in a New York hotel room on Sunday. The actress was reportedly attacked by a man in her Manhattan hotel after she demanded he delete a photo he had taken of her without her permission.

Police have charged Christian LaBella, 25, of Valley Village, Calif. on Sunday with a misdemeanor offense of assault and harassment for the incident at the W Hotel in New York's Union Square.

Lohan's mother has spoken to the Daily News on Sunday saying, "She's very shaken up. Thank God he didn't have a weapon."

Lohan had met her attacker at the 1Oak club, and had brought him and close friend Claus Hjelmbak to the hotel. But she found out that he had taken photos of her on his cell phone and she told him that she wanted them deleted. LaBella demanded that she give back the phone, but when Lohan refused he threw her down and scratched her, according to the Daily News.

Lohan and Hjelmbak quickly fled from the attacker and down the stairs from her 15th floor hotel room. After a short while they decided to make their way back upstairs, but then again encountered LaBella who allegedly went "berserk."

He allegedly grabbed the actress from behind and started choking her, before throwing her to the floor. Hjelmbak then managed to pull him off her for a brief moment and Lohan again ran, this time setting off a fire alarm to call for help as she fled, according to the police.

LaBella was caught by police in the hotel stairwell as the elevators had been dis-activated by the setting off of the fire alarm.

The incident is the latest in a dramatic few months for Lohan; she was charged with leaving the scene of an accident just earlier this month after allegedly clipping a pedestrian while driving a car outside a Chelsea club.