Lindsay Lohan Cameo: Actress In Rehab On 'Eastbound & Down'

Linsday Lohan is back in rehab this week, but just for a cameo role this time.

The 27-year-old starlet appeared on HBO's hit comedy series "Eastbound & Down" where she portrayed the daughter of Kenny Powers, Danny McBride's famed character.

Marking the series' finale, Lohan is seen alongside her onscreen father in what is supposed to be an event that takes place 20 years into the future outside of the Promises rehab center.

The scene took place in the last moments of the show and saw a happy reunion between old junkie Powers and his grown children, according to TMZ.

Furthermore, Lohan's silent appearance included a wedding scene, embracing Powers outside of rehab, and spreading his ashes into the wind during a dreamlike sequence in the final episode of "Eastbound & Down."

Meanwhile, the Promises rehab facility is the same one where Lohan received treatment in 2007. However, the troubled actress returned to a different rehab center earlier this year.

Although she shot the "Eastbound & Down" scene months ago, Lohan has kept quiet about her cameo.

The actress seems to have made a complete recovery following her addiction to Adderall and abuse of alcohol. Lohan spent the entire summer in carious rehab facilities and her recent appearances in clubs have all been tame- she has not been drinking or using drugs, according to Fox News.

"Lindsay is doing great; she's a 27-year-old girl who insists on having a good time," a source close to the star told Fox. "It she was to be stopped from going out and having a good time then she'll find other, less ideal, ways of having fun. She likes being Lindsay Lohan, she likes having fun. That's not going to change."

However, Lohan was spotted in a photo that looked like she was reaching for a bottle containing alcohol while out with friends. The actress' friends later explained that she was simply reaching for her purse.

"She goes to regular AA meetings and sees a therapist regularly and is in close contact with those who were helping her at Cliffside," the source at Fox added. "Not only is Lindsay sober, but she hasn't gotten into a single problem since leaving rehab."