Lindsay Lohan Cancels Barbara Walters Interview; Could End Up Back in Jail?

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(PHOTO: Reuters/David McNew)Actress Lindsay Lohan leaves the court after a progress report hearing in Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 17, 2012.

Lindsay Lohan has canceled an eagerly anticipated interview with Barbara Walters following reports that prosecutors are considering new criminal charges against her following a June car crash.

A source at Lifetime has said, "She's not doing the interview," according to the Daily News.

The interview was expected to air next Friday, however, it is said that Walters was adamant that she would ask about Lohan's troubled personal life, and that caused the interview to be dropped, according to celebrity gossip site TMZ.

Police believe that Lohan lied to authorities when she told them she was a passenger during a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in June, according to TMZ. That has led the Santa Monica City Attorney's Office to ponder whether to charge Lohan with a misdemeanor.

Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis has said to the Daily News, "She said she wasn't driving. We know she was driving. She was probably scared, but to lie to us is a whole different story."

There are to main pieces of evidence to suggest Lohan was the one behind the wheel of the car when it rear-ended a semi-truck in June. Firstly, a source has told the Daily News that Lohan had seatbelt marks on the left side of her neck. Secondly the driver of the semi-truck has said that Lohan was the driver of the Porsche Carrera, according to TMZ.

Some have claimed that Lohan, who is still on probation for her 2011 theft case, could face further time in jail should she be found guilty of a misdemeanor. In 2011 she was convicted and sentenced to 120 days in jail along with 480 hours of community service for misdemeanor theft and probation violation.