Lindsay Lohan Changes Hair After 64-Year-Old Deborah Harry Comparisons

Lindsay Lohan has returned to her ginger roots after being faced with growing criticisms about her aging appearance and recently being mistaken for Deborah Harry.

Paparazzi photographers recently mistook the 64-year-old blond frontwoman for Lohan, 25, while waiting outside of the Mercer Hotel in Soho, N.Y. where the two had been separately staying earlier this week, according to Mail Online.

Lohan, who has previously battled drug and alcohol addiction, immediately changed her hair color from blonde to red, which some fans say is a response to the bizarre comparisons to a singer who is 41 years older.

The "Mean Girls" actress has been staying at the Mercer hotel for her recent "Saturday Night Live" appearance, which some fans labeled a come back after ongoing legal woes threatened to end her career for good.

Since Lohan's legal problems began, following a 2007 DUI arrest and including a brief stint in a L.A. prison, her once bright career has been on hold. After cleaning herself up and impressing a court judge, Lohan has been offered various career opportunities, including playing the late Elizabeth Taylor in the biopic film "Liz and Dick," according to FemaleFirst UK.

Despite receiving widespread criticism for her recent "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig, Lohan was applauded by loyal fans and received words of encouragement by actress Zooey Deschanel.

"It's so hard. And can I say something? I thought [Lindsay] did a really good job; everyone reads off cue cards. There were some people saying 'She read off cue cards!' Everyone - the cast members, the host - everyone reads off cue cards. That's how it's done, because they change the script right before, so you have to read off cue cards," Deschanel told Entertainment Weekly.

"It's a very hard thing to do. Live performances are its own thing, but it's a wonderful thing. It takes a lot of energy," she added.

Lohan, who remains one of Hollywood's most successful child actors, was criticized for her allegedly unnatural hosting abilities, though fans of the renowned actress have pointed out that her hosting gig marked the the show's highest number of viewers of the season, according to an EW report.