Lindsay Lohan Changes Rehab Location to Continue Smoking

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in rehab after changing the place she wanted to stay so that she could continue smoking. But sources say that Lohan has not yet reported to the facility where she is supposed to be.

Lohan was originally supposed to begin serving the court-ordered rehab at a facility in New York, which was approved of by the court system. However, at the last minute, Lohan decided that she wanted to go to a facility in California because she would be allowed to smoke.

Prosecutors were upset because this new facility has not been court-approved; Judge James R. Dabney has said that he will allow Lohan to remain in California for one month but has requested an update later this month. Nothing has been made permanent.

"My client is ensconced in the bosom of that facility right now," Heller told the court at a hearing. "She's in rehab right now. Nothing bad is going to happen."

TMZ reported that Lohan was spotted at Frys Electronics in Fountain Valley, Calif. at the same time she was supposed to be checking into the rehab facility. It wasn't sure whether Lohan was on her way to rehab.

"It's not her fault [Lohan was nearly late checking into the rehab facility]. "This poor kid was a mess before she left. Lindsay had no idea that Morningside wasn't approved. The Lukens Institute is where she wanted to go all along– a place she will get the right treatment and finally get better," Lohan's father, Michael, told CNN.

Lohan is scheduled to spend 90 days in the rehab facility, serve two additional years on probation and receive therapy for 18 months after being sentenced for reckless driving and lying to a police officer. Those charges were in direct violation of her probation, which meant that she would serve time. Judge Dabney decided to let her serve her time in rehab rather than prison.

"This is it," Dabney warned Lohan. "You violate your probation, and we're not going to have discussions of putting you back on probation."