Lindsay Lohan Father Lashes Out Over Troubling Nightclub Photos

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @lindsaylohanLindsay Lohan poses for Twitter pic

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael is furious after seeing alarming photos of the troubled actress partying in Brazil ahead of her court ordered rehab program.

In an open letter to Mike Heller, who is the son of Lindsay's attorney Mark Heller, Michael lashed out claiming he would hold the professional booker responsible if anything were to happen to his daughter. Mike is believed to have booked Lindsay the $100,000 gig requiring her to attend a clothing line launch party at the nightclub where she was photographed displaying troubling behavior.

"I am telling you now if you are with Lindsay in Rio or you booked it, and anything happens to my daughter, I am holding you personally responsible . Judging from what has happened to in the past, and the way she looks down there from the pictures in the media, it's not a good thing. If you have anything to do with her being there, its on you. Count on it," Michael wrote in a letter obtained by

In one photograph Lindsay, 25, is seated on a filthy nightclub floor looking seemingly out of it with her dress pulled up above her waist. The "Liz and Dick" star has a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

The former child star was recently ordered to return to rehab for 90 days as part of a plea deal relating to charges stemming from a car accident in June. She reportedly has until May 2 to enter a facility and Michael worries that giving the actress an extended time period to get help may not be a good idea.

''What the judge has done with an order for 90 days in lockdown is a good thing - Lindsay needs to get her life back on track. The problem is, they gave her until May 2 to find a place," Michael told NOW magazine.

''They should've put her in a facility immediately. Lindsay needs daily therapy to address her problems...If you want to save her life, put her in rehab now. If she doesn't go, the consequences are unthinkable.," he continued.

The actress is rumored to be gearing up to attend the Coachella music festival in April ahead of rehab.