Lindsay Lohan Gets Into Another Car Accident

Lindsay Lohan got in yet another, albeit less serious, car accident Wednesday, while on a shopping trip through Beverly Hills.

The "Liz and Dick" star allegedly rear-ended a silver Ford Mustang while driving her same black Porsche Panamera sports car that she was in when she got in a nasty collision on the Pacific Coast Highway six weeks ago.

The actress had just left the Chanel Boutique when she rear ended the Mustang at a stop light on Sunset Boulevard. Her assistant and close friend, Gavin Doyle, was in the passenger seat.

The driver of the Mustang reportedly told gossip website Perez Hilton: "We were sitting at a light and somebody hit us."

A photographer for x17Online said, "Lindsay was NOT driving dangerously – it was merely a minor accident in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic in the Sunset Plaza neighborhood."

According to StarPulse, Lohan exchanged insurance information with the driver of the Mustang inside the Chateau Marmont hotel to avoid the attraction of paparazzi.

Lohan, 26, has been staying at the hotel while she sells her Venice Beach home.

The actress was hospitalized after another damaging accident on June 8, also in Los Angeles. Lohan totaled her Porsche when she crashed into an 18-wheeler truck, causing her airbag to be released.

Reports indicated that Lohan's camp involved in the car crash allegedly attempted to pay the driver of the 18-wheel truck, instead of going through insurance.

Lohan has had several past run-ins with the law, including two DUIs and charges of shoplifting. Recently, however, she has landed two major movie roles, one as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime biopic "Liz and Dick" and a role in the movie "The Canyons," which is about a group of affluent 20-somethings living in Los Angeles.