Lindsay Lohan Gets Lenient Jail Sentence; Will Gain $1M Before Serving Time

Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 30 days in jail, but will serve little to no time.

Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced Lohan in a Los Angeles County court Wednesday. However, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesperson, Steve Whitmore said the troubled actress might only be in and out of the county jail.

The reasoning for Lohan’s brief jail visit is overcrowding of Los Angeles jails. Los Angeles inmates serving less than 90 days on misdemeanor charges are almost immediately released.

"She'll be out without even having to change her clothes," one sheriff’s department official told TMZ.

Lohan’s latest trouble with the law stems from a failure to take her probation seriously. The actress changed the location of her probation without permission last month.

Lohan was initially assigned to complete her probation at the Los Angeles women’s detention center and chose to be reassigned to a Red Cross program.

The actress admitted to the judge that she was wrong to violate her probation. Sautner told Lohan that she was being very lenient with her latest sentencing, however she would not be in the future.

“This is known as putting the keys to jail in the defendant's pocket,” Sautner told Lohan Wednesday, according to MTV. “The first time you violate, you will go to jail."

Sautner mandated that the star complete 12 more days at the morgue in which she has been recently serving probation, attend four psychotherapy sessions by Jan. 17, MTV reported. The network also stated that the star was told to complete 53 days of community service and additional therapy obligations by March 29.

Lohan was granted even more leniency by Sautner, who is allowing the star to complete a photo shoot for Playboy magazine worth $1 million before reporting to the county jail. However, the actress was ordered to stop tweeting about her experiences.