Lindsay Lohan Moves Out of Betty Ford Clinic Into Cliffside Malibu Facility

Lindsay Lohan is now the resident of Cliffside Malibu treatment facility, where she will spend the remaining days of her 90-day sentence. Lohan complained about being at the Betty Ford Center during her entire stay and has since been transferred.

"She is continually getting into trouble and any reasonable person can tell she needs help," Richard Taite, CEO and President of Cliffside Malibu, said in an interview with last year, long before Lohan checked in. "Given her numerous arrests and convictions, any sober person would be motivated to stop their destructive behavior. But addicts don't think that way."

"There is a complete lack of accountability here and a complete deniability of where she is in the arc of her life. In my opinion, if she doesn't get top notch treatment, Lindsay is going to get progressively worse," Taite added. "There are only so many bullets you can dodge before you get hit. The train is about to come off the track and a train wreck isn't that far off."

Lohan's lawyer was able to convince the judge overseeing her case to allow her to move to Malibu after serving a little under half of her time at Betty Ford. She was ordered to spend 90 days in a lock-down facility stemming from charges of lying to police after a long relationship with the law.

Should Lohan choose to leave Cliffside, she would immediately be sent to jail. The judge in her case has ordered that Lohan either receive treatment or be put behind bars. At Cliffside, it is likely that she will undergo more intensive treatment and be kept under stricter watch.

"Drug addiction can typically happen to people when they don't get their emotional needs met as children," Taite has said. "To dull the emotional pain, they may turn to drugs and alcohol. Lindsay has had so many episodes of this nature, that she really needs to get professional, long-term treatment where she will learn to change her lifestyle and habits."