Lindsay Lohan Needs Life-Changing Experience With Christ, Says Former Drug Abuser

A former addict who experienced the drug and alcohol lifestyle pervasive in the music industry during the '60s and '70s said it's time for actress Lindsay Lohan to make a commitment to a faith-based recovery program as opposed to the secular treatment she's tried before.

Lohan was arrested in New York last week for allegedly punching a female bar patron in the face. The arrest came on the same day that she was charged by the Santa Monica City Attorney with giving false information to a police officer, obstructing or resisting an officer in the performance of his duty, and reckless driving – all as the result of an accident in June in which she rear-ended an 18-wheeler with her car.

"She's the perfect example of someone needing a life-changing experience with Christ," prison and rehab ministry leader Marty Angelo told The Christian Post Monday. "I try to get the message out that Christ will change people."

The former rock-and-roll manager said this is the fourth time he's reached out to Lohan through her father and her attorneys.

"She's on a dangerous road. There's only three things that could happen in the direction she's going. She's either going to die, or go to jail for quite a long time, or maybe stay in the hospital," Angelo said.

Ronn Torossian, who is a crisis management expert and CEO of a PR firm, recently told "To say Lindsay is a train wreck would be a compliment. She is seemingly in trouble every five minutes and who would be surprised if the next headline says 'Lindsay Lohan Dead?'"

However, Angelo said her chances of getting past her struggles would increase if she entered a Christian recovery program.

"She's been going to these non-faith based, secular recovery programs. They haven't worked. So I pray that she just gets sick and tired of the life that she's leading and then she repents and turns her life over to Christ," he said.

"She's getting to that age, at 27, where a lot of these celebrities have died. It's very serious," he added. "A movie set is the last thing she needs to be on. She needs to be in a faith-based program for at least a year and there's plenty of them out there that are very successful. These other programs don't work."

Angelo said he spent 15 turbulent years in the entertainment industry prior to becoming a Christian in 1981 and although he never pictured himself as having an outreach ministry to celebrities, he now has a heart for it.

"I have a special burden for today's celebrities. Many are suffering the same consequences from abusing drugs and alcohol that I experienced while living in the fast lane in the music business," he said.

"Unfortunately, there were not many people within the entertainment business back in the late '60s and '70s warning others of the high cost of leading such a sinful life. There was not much information available on how to change," he explained. "Therefore, myself and many of my friends suffered severe hardships with some even resulting in early deaths. Not much has changed over the years. Therefore, I pray that today's celebrities and others will learn from my mistakes and seek a better life in Jesus Christ."

Angelo has followed Lohan's various arrests since he was first contacted back in 2006 by Lohan's father, Michael, who asked him to reach out to help his daughter. He sent her letters and a copy of his autobiography, Once Life Matters: A New Beginning and also contacted the judge and attorneys in charge of Lindsay's DUI case at that time offering to serve any jail, prison, or probation time she was sentenced to if the former child star would enter and complete a one-year women's faith-based residential treatment program. He made the same offer two other times, but "unfortunately Lohan never accepted them and her problems have continued to escalate," he stated.

"The wonderful thing about faith-based programs is they all have proven track records," Angelo remarked in a recent radio interview. "These programs work and have totally changed thousands of lives for decades. All boost upwards of an 86 percent success rate."

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