Lindsay Lohan Offered $1 Million to Host Talk Show

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been offered a substantial amount of money to host her very own talk show, according to a report.

The troubled actress, whose constant legal woes have jeopardized her career, has been offered over one million dollars to host her own talk show on The show has been described as being a cross between ABC's "The View" and the E! Network's "Chelsea Lately," according to

"I want to help Lindsay put all this trouble behind," entrepreneur and the show's financier Alki David told RumorFix.

"She is a media target so the media puts her out to be someone she really isn't. She needs a consistent job in Hollywood and this will be it," he confidently explained.

Lohan, 26, who recently wrapped up filming for "Liz & Dick," has suffered a series of personal setbacks in recent months, including her violent brawl against her mother Dina and claims that she is experiencing financial woes. David insists that the talk show gig will help revive her career.

"This deal will be very lucrative for us both. We're just waiting for Lindsay to sign the contract so she can have a steady job here with I am very happy and excited to get [her] on board," the billionaire said.

The "Mean Girls" actress has acquired a bad reputation in Hollywood in recent years and subsequently, some filmmakers perceive her to be a high risk. Critics argue that Lohan has become more well-known for her hard partying ways as opposed to her acting abilities, making it more difficult for her to secure acting gigs.

In 2007 Lohan was left red faced after "Georgia Rule" producers criticized her for repeatedly taking days off. Morgan Creek Productions chief James G. Robinson labeled Lohan "irresponsible and unprofessional" in an open letter and blamed her "all-night heavy partying" for her "so-called 'exhaustion,'" according to

Five years later, Lohan still has not completely managed to clean up her act as "Liz & Dick" producer Larry A. Thompson recently revealed that the actress was "problematic" and a "challenge" to work with.

"It was a challenge to make this movie. I certainly was aware of the risk I was taking hiring Lindsay Lohan. I realize now making the right decision is easier than living with the right decision. But it was the right decision nonetheless," Thompson told

"While I certainly have worked with many actresses whose behavior during production was less problematic, I do believe her performance as Elizabeth Taylor is riveting and tragic," he explained.