Lindsay Lohan Offered Job at Strip Club; Actress' New Career?

Lindsay Lohan may venture into a new career after being offered a job by Scores, a strip club in New York City. The company has offered to pay off her debts, which could be a tempting offer for the broke actress who is also facing jail time.

According to a letter sent to Lohan's lawyer, Scores explains its offer and why Lohan was chosen for a position. The letter was obtained by TMZ and offered a glimpse into what a future job could entail.

"We understand that you have recently been spending some time in NYC, and we would like to arrange for you to host a few events online for," the letter read. " presents hundreds of beautiful ladies who appear by webcam nightly entertaining upscale gentlemen in the privacy of their own homes. We are currently starting a new promotion wherein we will engage famous, female celebrities as hosts for special events."

Lohan could be in need of the money, given that she was allegedly recently bailed out by friend Charlie Sheen to the tune of $100,000. She also currently owes $16,000 to a storage facility, which has threatened to put the locker up for auction in order to recoup its losses.

Lohan is also having trouble paying for her $8,000-a-month mansion, according to the Huffington Post.

 A bigger problem could be the threat of 245 days in jail. Lohan's probation was revoked on Wednesday, and a judge could sentence her to the time in jail.

Lohan has already avoided jail time and completed one round of treatment and probation, but managed to waste that work because she lied to police and drove recklessly when she crashed her Porsche.

The judge could force her to either serve jail time or go through another round of rehabilitation and or community service. A hearing has been set for Jan. 15, and it remains to be seen what Lohan will end up doing after that.