Lindsay Lohan: Oprah Says Actress 'Is In the Best Place Ever'

Lindsay Lohan is fresh out of rehab and reportedly heeding Oprah Winfrey's sage advice very closely following the "Oprah's Next Chapter" interview last week.

After a 90-day court-ordered rehab stint, Lohan granted Winfrey's OWN Network the first sit-down as well as an 8-part "docu-series" based on Lohan's life.

Allowing a preview of what is to come, Winfrey revealed her impression of the starlet following the segment taped for OWN.

"I thought that she's in the best place that I've ever seen her," said the television titan on "Good Morning America."

"I believe that she believes that she is now ready," the 59-year-old added. "And she admitted that there were other times when she was pretending to be ready and not quite sure. And sometimes resentful that she was being, you know, put in a position where she had to go to rehab. I think this is the first time I could see it really benefitted her."

Furthermore, true to Winfrey's compassionate past, the media mogul imparted suggestions and support during the interview with the 27-year-old actress.

Consequently, Lohan is "doing everything Oprah tells her to do," an insider told Us Weekly.

As for the "Oprah's Next Chapter" episode with Lohan, viewers will be able to see the troubled star making her way back to normal.

"It'll show her going to meetings, working on herself and doing different things she hasn't done in awhile," said the insider, according to the magazine. "She really wants to get back to living a normal life and not being around negative people."

The post-rehab interview with OWN is a break from Lohan's latest projects, which have all been scripted.

The actress recently guest-starred on both "Glee" and "Anger Management," and appeared in Lifetimes's made-for-TV-movie, "Liz & Dick."

Moreover, Lohan's film "The Canyons" hit theaters on Aug. 2.