Lindsay Lohan Rehab Decision Postponed: 'Lockdown Rehab' Doesn't Exist?

Lindsay Lohan's representation has failed to secure a place for the star in rehab because "lockdown rehab" doesn't actually exist in New York.

Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in a lockdown rehab, but it appears the facility where Lohan will spend out her sentence has not yet been decided on. During the initial sentence "prosecutors were under the clear impression" the Lohan would be placed in a New York rehab center, according to TMZ.

But lawyers are still discussing where Lohan should be placed and "nothing has been decided." Lohan could still serve out her sentence in prison if a rehab facility cannot be decided upon.

Lohan's lawyer, Mark Heller, promised the judge a rehab facility that would hold Lohan for a 90-day period. But no rehab centers offer an option to hold patients against their will, outside of one connected to a federal prison. Only inmates charged with a felony can serve rehab in such a facility, according to TMZ.

"There is no rehab that will hold you against your will, unless they feel the person is a suicide risk, and in that case they can hold the individual for 72 hours," Dr. Drew told the publication.

Lohan's sentence is in response to charges filed against the actress for lying to police and reckless driving. But just before, and just after her sentence, Lohan appeared to turn to her partying ways.

Lohan was spotted on last week "drinking Ketel One vodka on the rocks and smoking Parliaments," a source told Us Weekly. The star went out for a second time Saturday and was seen partying at club 41 Ocean in Santa Monica, Calif., according to Daily Mail.

And even before her court hearing, Lohan was spotted drinking in her hotel bar, "knocking back vodka sodas," a source told TMZ.