Lindsay Lohan Role Alongside Adult Film Star?

Lindsey Lohan appears determined to continue on an upward path and will now star in another film role despite a few setbacks during her last.

Lohan was hospitalized last month after she slammed a rented Porche into an 18 wheeler truck in Santa Monica, California. She later claimed that the accident occurred when the brakes failed to work, although Porche allegedly said in a later report that the claims were untrue.

Although legal battles between Lohan and the truck driver continue, it appears that the incident was not enough to be a setback on the actresses' newly paved career path. After suffering numerous battles in court over drinking and drugs, it appears the actress is still headed back to her old self and has just secured yet another film role.

Lohan just finished shooting the Lifetime film "Liz & Dick" but already has a new gig. The name of the film is "The Canyons," which was written by "Less Than Zero" author Bret Easton Ellis, and will be produced by Braxton Pope.

Paul Schrader, who wrote "Taxi Driver" and directed "American Gigolo," is set to direct the film.

"A big part of the reason she did this was because of Paul Schrader and the opportunity to work with such an iconic filmmaker," Lohan's publicist, Steve Honig, said.

Lohan will play opposite James Deen, who has made a name for himself in adult films.

"Lindsay Lohan and James Deen not only have the acting talent," Schrader said. "They also have that screen quality that keeps you watching their every move."

Lohan began work on the set last week. The plot will be about young 20-somethings and their approach to life, sex, and ambition.