Lindsay Lohan Problems on Set of 'Liz and Dick'

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly suffered issues on the set of her new film "Liz and Dick."

Lohan has controversially been cast in the role of Elizabeth Taylor, which has upset some Taylor fans who feel Lohan will not do the role justice. However, during her filming on Monday Lohan was acting in an energetic scene with her co-star when she experienced the unfortunate incident with her wardrobe.

Twitter: Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan (left) will play Elizabeth Taylor (right) in new film

"Liz and Dick" will portray the famous relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Whereas Lohan takes on the leading lady role for the movie, the leading man spot will be played by Grand Bowler.

The film is being made for Lifetime, and will screen if everything goes to schedule in November.

Lohan has expressed that she is honored to play the Hollywood icon, and wants to reassure fans that she will do everything she can to portray Taylor in as accurate way as possible.

The young actress shot to fame as a youngster and was heralded as someone who would go on a take Hollywood by storm throughout her career. However, her promising start to her career has stumbled over recent years, and she has been in and out of court appearances over recent years.

She was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service for misdemeanor theft and probation violation in Feb 2011 after stealing a necklace from a jewelry store.

Her troubled past is the main reason Taylor fans are skeptical of Lohan taking the part in the movie. But Lohan has also been praised in recent months for beginning to get her act together. The judge dealing with her complimented her turn around and encouraged her to continue her upward trend.

So far this year though 25-year-old Lohan was tempted to drive herself back into the public's eye by accepting a role to appear in Playboy magazine. This again upset some fans who preferred her younger, purer image.