Lindsay Lohan's Spiritual Adviser Pleads to the Star and her Father

Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, was arrested Monday on domestic violence charges, which caused his former spiritual advisor to publicly react.

Michael Lohan, 51, was arrested after a call was made to the Tampa Police Department about a fight with his 28-year-old girlfriend, Kathryn Major.

Andrea Davis, a spokesperson for the police department, said there was evidence of assault, according to The Associated Press.

“She had some redness on her arms, some minor bruising and it was determined that he grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground a couple of times," said Davis.

Marty Angelo, head of The Mission of Marty Angelo Ministries, reached out to Lindsay in 2007 at her father’s personal request. Although details about the case are still unraveling, Angelo said he was troubled to hear about Michael’s recent arrest.

“I’m saddened when I hear something like that,” said Angelo to The Christian Post. “You can’t continually do whatever you want, there has to be a time when you have to be obedient to the word of God. I hope he gets over it through repentance and treatment.”

Angelo, a former television show producer and current author, once worked in the entertainment industry and associated with many celebrities, such as Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin. Angelo said he “turned his life to Christ” after being arrested for cocaine possession and then incarcerated for four years.

He has been reaching out to Lindsay to do the same since 2007.

“I told (Lindsay) I would serve her time if she would enroll in a faith-based program for a year,” Angelo told CP. “Had she taken my offer, she wouldn’t have had these problems. She would have had these problems behind her years ago.”

Angelo indicated that Lindsay’s behavior could be a reflection of her father’s ongoing legal trouble.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Angelo said. “I’m sorry to say that but you can only raise a child to a certain age, but you have to instill a lot of values and morals when they were young.”

Angelo noted that celebrities are often unhappy with their lifestyle in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

“I guess celebrities think that there are different rules. They almost sell their souls out to this stuff,” Angelo said. “There’s this Hollywood facade that people think it’s such a great life, but all the stars I know and all of my dealings with them dating back to the 60s, not many of them are very happy.”

The minister, who has advised both Lindsay and Michael, said he fears for Lindsay’s safety. However, Angelo also said most families in the country can relate to her current struggles.

“Celebrities may be successful in the world’s eyes, but they’re dropping over like flies. Every time you turn around one of them is dead,” he said. “I hope that doesn’t happen with Lindsay. I call Lindsay Lohan every American family’s trouble child. Every American family has one.”

Angelo said he would still love the opportunity to counsel Michael and his daughter again.

“Where is all of this anger coming from? Call me. I’ll get you into a good program,” he added, in a public appeal to Michael. “I reached out to him last week because of his daughter, I told him let me know if you need any help. What can you tell somebody? Repent!”