Lindsey Lohan's Father Jumps Off Balcony to Escape Arrest (VIDEO)

Jailed Again 12 Hours After Wednesday Arrest

The head of the Lindsay household was back in custody again after allegedly making threatening phone calls to his ex-girlfriend.

 Lindsey Lohan Father Back in Jail

Police in Tampa, Fla., say they were at the home of Michael Lohan's ex-girlfriend, Kate Major, when Lohan called making threatening phone calls to her.

The father of media bad girl, Lindsay Lohan, was hauled off to the slammer again — less than 12 hours after being released on Wednesday.

Major called 911 Thursday when Michael Lohan called making the threats. This time, police were at the condo where Major lives and heard what he said, immediately calling for the arrest.

According to, the elder Lohan was singing in at a karaoke bar in Tampa before he made the calls. 

Oh, when police went to arrest Lohan, he jumped from the third-floor balcony of his own apartment trying to escape arrest. If it was an apple tree, we know that the fruit doesn't fall far.