Lion King 3D Release Sends Fans Wild With Excitement

The “Lion King,” an Oscar-winning Disney animated picture from 1994, returns to theaters today and will be available in 3-D, to the excitement of many fans who watched the film premiere 17 years ago.

In review of the re-release, critics have said the highest-selling animated movie of all time has the potential to open up similar possibilities for like movies.

“If this re-release of the 1994 neo-Disney classic is a hit – it’s still the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated film of all time – it’s only a matter of time before Ariel, Pocahontas, and Dumbo are comin’ at ya in 3-D,” The Sentinel review read. “And if it tanks, well, it’s a decent advertisement for the high-def Blu-ray ‘Diamond Edition’ of 'Lion King’' due to hit stores in a few weeks.”

Across social media platforms, fans reacted to the news of their favorite movie with excitement.

"Dear new generation, The Lion King was during our generation,” one Twitter user wrote. “Just because it is coming out in 3D doesn't make it yours. Sincerely the 90's kids."

Another Lion King fan was already planning to buy multiple tickets before the movie hit theaters.

“I know (I'm going to) see the Lion King 3D more than once," the user wrote.

However, not all fans of the “Lion King” were enthusiastic about the re-release.

"Lion King was without a doubt my favorite move but i don't know how I feel about them making it 3D," one person wrote on Facebook.

Although many of the children who fell in love with the movie 17 years ago are now adults, they are not ashamed to express their anticipation of the return of the animated classic.

“Lion King 3D comes out tomorrow! I'm not even going to act like I'm ashamed! I want to see it," another Twitter user wrote.

The movie will remain in theaters for two weeks after its debut today.