Lion King Doesn't Know How to Deal With Meeting His Triplet Cubs for the First Time (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Oregon Zoo/YouTube)

To this lion, when you're the King of the Jungle, you don't have time to be bothered by your subjects – even if they are your own triplet cubs.

In this video from the Oregon Zoo, Zawadi Mungu meets his three cubs for the first time. Rather than play with his newly met progeny, or even sniff them out, the father bares his formidable teeth at his children in annoyance. To the cubs' credit, they don't stop prowling around their dad, sniffing his mane and crawling up his back.

According to KGW, Zawadi Mungu was surprised by this first meeting with this children, akin to a jungle-based episode of Jerry Springer, but has since warmed to his three cute cubs.