Lisa Lampanelli Supports Her 'D-List' Title on 'Celebrity Apprenctice'

Lisa Lampanelli may make it to the top of "D-list" stars on Celebrity Apprentice, but only because she will be the first to side with others who have criticized the lack of Hollywood star cast members.

Celebrity Apprentice is the newest of Donald Trump's reality creations. Despite its celebrity title, however, a Wall Street Journal review has said that viewers will be hard pressed to find an actual celebrity this season. The review is written by Jeff Yang and contributed to by Kai Ma.

"It's a bunch of D-list has-beens," Kai Ma commented about the cast.

"The show opens with a little montage of contestants talking about the charities they're supporting with this exercise in self-humiliation. Yes. This is for charity. Not a desperate attempt to revive flagging careers at all," Yang added.

If any members of the cast were offended by the Wall Street review, Lampanelli wasn't one of them. The comedian, known as the "Queen of Mean," raved about the article on her Twitter account.

"Hilarious Wall St. Journal recap of Celebrity Apprentice," she commented on Twitter Tuesday. "1 mistake (the "Lincoln Continental" line was mine), but other than that, flawless."

Trump himself has implied that Lampanelli is the villain of the season.

Trump interviewed by Access Hollywood and asked who he thought the villain of the season would be.

"We have an interesting combination. You have Lisa Lampanelli … first of all she's a great character and a great person, but she's nasty and she's got that mouth that you two know about," Trump responded to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover.

Trump also commented on how Lampanelli was after fellow contestant Miss Universe Dayana, Mendoza.

"Why she doesn't like her? That's a long story, but she doesn't like her and those two go at it and actually, it's amazing to see it," Trump commented.

Another fellow contestant, Victoria Gottia, also called Lampanelli the center of conflict.

"I'm telling you, I would have rather taken eight Star Jones than one Lisa Lampanelli. I think everyone on that show would agree with me," Gotti said on the set of "New York Live" in reference to a contestant who appeared last season. "I think Lisa was at the center of a lot of conflicts with everybody," Gotti added.

Lampanelli didn't seem to think much of Gotti either. "Victoria Gotti is lazier than Paris Hilton's left eye," the comedienne said.