Lisa Whelchel Diagnosed With West Nile Virus

Lisa Whelchel may have battled it out on "Survivor," but now the Christian contestant faces an all-new battle: West Nile virus. The actress recently tweeted her diagnosis to fans and expects to make a full recovery.

"Dr. just called with blood test results… I have West Nile. Ugh. I'm fine, just tired. Takes a year to recover," Whelchel posted.

She wrapped up filming "Survivor" in April and will be spending the next year recovering from the mosquito-spread virus. According to reports, nearly 4,000 people have been diagnosed with the disease this year alone.

Whelchel can expect body aches, fatigue and hopefully will avoid the more serious symptoms such as headaches, disorientation and sudden weakness. In rare cases, West Nile victims can develop a life-threatening illness and inflammation of the brain.

Of course, Whelchel has her family to help tend to her needs and ensure she gets the proper rest. She is likely still tired from her adventure on "Survivor," a dream that she was able to fulfill this year, even though she received harsh criticism from some of her former competitors.

"She never played the game," Jeff Kent told People magazine after he was voted off the "Survivor" island. "She stood around in groups and during the conversations said, 'I'll do what you tell me to do.' She never once showed in any conversation that she was trying to play the game. We were ripping on her for not having any strategy."

Kent then went on to attack Whelchel's "morals and ethics," which he said she fought the entire game. "She was worried about lying and then starts lying to people. The way she played the game really hurt her chances."

Whelchel is a Christian who has spent the past several years espousing her beliefs and testifying to God's goodness. She has struggled to play a game of integrity on "Survivor," which is known for its dubious tactics and double-crosses.

Watch Whelchel continue on in the game on Wednesday nights on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET.